To achieve a global reputation for delivering unparalleled financial expertise in traded markets consulting.

Underwood FX is an innovative financial consulting firm that delivers highly specialized trading markets intelligence to clients around the world.  Knowledge and expertise is provided by market experts who have earned impeccable reputations among colleagues, competitors, and regulators in their careers.

Underwood FX was founded to meet the ever increasing need to provide market insight to the legal and investment community globally.  We have the expertise to solve complex financial problems in traded markets which encompasses  equities, fixed income, currencies, and commodities.

Our expertise is your gain


Financial industry knowledge and expertise is the foundation of our traded markets niche.


Contributing accomplished litigation intelligence, expert testimony, and markets advice.


Indisputable reputation and integrity of our colleagues and deliverables.

Traded Markets economic/ financial consulting and expert testimony

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Our service offering is as diverse as our client base.  Having a complete understanding of your inquiry is essential.  We therefore provide a complimentary initial consultation to introduce ourselves and to gain a complete picture of the challenge presented.

Please send an email that outlines the nature of your enquiry and we will contact you with available dates and times.

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