Litigation Intelligence

Traded markets experience and deep industry knowledge to address client requirements in today’s complex and litigious business environment.

Derivatives Experts

Historical product identification, price and value reconstruction of financial products, including structured derivative products.

Data Solutions

Resources to interpret vast data sets of e-communications, trading information, and historical market prices to meet investigative or asset monitoring requirements.

Trading Analysis

Independent reconstruction of market incursions that scrutinize positioning, hedging rationale, and reasoning’s for recommended client transactions.

Expert Witness

Credible, reputable, presentable, and authoritative industry experts providing experienced testimony, report writing, and litigation intelligence.

Market Speak

Decoding of traded markets jargon used by voice and e-traders, salespeople, brokers, strategists, and management to fully understand the nuances of the communication.

Sourcing Experts

Should your specific expert requirement fall outside of our expertise, we will be happy to facilitate your search for more suitable candidate(s) from our expert network.

Best Practice

Administering independent implementation, monitoring, and continuous learning of The BIS Foreign Exchange Global Code of Conduct (or internally developed) for your organization.