Representative Matters

Retained as an expert in an employment matter dispute of a senior executive within FX opining on supervisory responsibility that pertained to the financial institutions policies and procedures and external securities rules and regulations.

Retained as an expert in conjunction with a global economic consultant to investigate potential collusion, front running, or potential fraud of traded markets for multinational law firms.

Retained as an expert by multiple international law firms to interpret thousands of text chats and emails to provide pricing and product identification of currencies, metals, and equity indexes.

Retained to provide foreign exchange expert witness deposition testimony and report writing for regional and multination law firms.

Provided derivatives tutoring on volatility trading, gamma hedging, and market liquidity management to legal team in advance of taking a trader deposition.

Retained by a global payments and hedging firm to advise the market, credit, margin and liquidity risks and opportunities to managing client exotic FX options risk in-house.